Jack Falls (Columbia County)

Jack Falls

Jack Falls can be seen from Highway 30, but for a better view, you can walk a third of a mile on an old overgrown road to the base of the falls. This is definitely the way to go. The waterfall is tall enough to be appreciated despite its small volume, and the stroll through vines and ferns is an unusual alternative to the typical hiking path, making for a pleasant excursion overall.


My rating: Worth the Effort (2 stars) (2 stars each for Waterfall, Trail, and Experience)

Distance from Beaverton: About an hour’s drive north

Nearest town: Rainier

Nearest city: Portland

County: Columbia

Length of round-trip hike: About 0.66 mile

Best season to visit: The waterfall dries up in summer. We visited in December, and as you can see, there was not much volume to the falls at that time. Definitely visit in winter or spring.

Consider combining this trip with: Little Jack Falls, Goble Falls, or Beaver Falls

Toilet / Amenities: None

How to get there:

  • From Scappoose, take Highway 30 W for about 22 miles.
  • Turn right onto Graham Road.
  • Park at a pullout to the right.
  • Carefully cross the highway, hop the guardrail, and make your way north toward the waterfall.

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