Hug Point Falls

I’ll be honest – you don’t go to Hug Point for the waterfall. But go anyway! A waterfall at a beach with an interesting history and surrounded by numerous caves is a total win in my book…er, blog.

A professional picture of Hug Falls by Mitch Schreiber, used with permission
A professional picture of Hug Falls by Mitch Schreiber, used with permission tells the history of Hug Point: “Imagine traveling by stagecoach along the beach. Before the highway was built, the beach was the only way to travel along this stretch of coast. North of the parking area at low tide you may walk along the original stagecoach road, still harboring the wheel ruts carved into the rock. Pioneers traveling around this headland had to hug this particular point even at low tide and so the point and the park both take the name hug point.”

We began our visit by hiking upstream above the waterfall. We didn’t get very far but felt adventurous nonetheless.

The caves were the highlight of the trip for us. There are so many caves, some of them great for climbing, one or two green ones, and a few completely black ones. So. Much. Fun.

One of the caves at Hug Point
One of the caves at Hug Point

Apparently you can also see some starfish and other tidepool creatures here, as well, although we didn’t see them on our trip, as we were quite happily distracted by the caves.

And of course, the sandy beach itself is perfect for digging and building sandcastles and other typical beach activities if that is your pleasure.

We visited Hug Point on the same day as Blumenthal Falls and couldn’t decide which one we enjoyed more. We did agree, however, that that trip was our favorite of that year.


My rating: Must See/Favorite (4 stars)
(Waterfall – 3 stars, Trail – 3 stars, Experience – 4 stars)

Distance from Beaverton: About an hour and a half drive west

Nearest town: Arch Cape

Nearest city: Portland

County: Clatsop

Length of round-trip hike: Less than a mile

Best season to visit: Winter or spring

Things to know:

Consider combining this trip with:  Blumenthal Falls

Toilet / Amenities: Toilets, picnic tables

How to get there:

  1. There is a sign for Hug Point on Highway 101, about 5 miles south of Cannon Beach.
  2. The waterfall is north of the parking lot (to the right).

Helpful websites:


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