Blumenthal Falls

Blumenthal Falls is awesome because it combines two of my favorite things: waterfalls and the beach! It is located at the north end of Short Sand Beach in Oswald West State Park and is about a mile from the parking lot, so it’s a good hike, too. The best part of visiting this waterfall, though, are the tide pools at its base. We saw starfish, crabs, anemones, urchins, and more!

We visited Blumenthal the same day we saw Hug Point Falls, and we couldn’t decide which one we enjoyed more. We did agree, however, that that trip was our favorite of that year.

If you would like a different view, the upper tiers of the waterfall can be accessed from a trail.  Click here for details about that hike.


A tide pool and starfish at the base of Blumenthal Falls
A tide pool and starfish at the base of Blumenthal Falls


My rating: Must See/Favorite (4 stars)
(Waterfall – 3 stars, Trail – 4 stars, Experience – 4 stars)

Distance from Beaverton: About an hour and a half drive west

Nearest town: Arch Cape

Nearest city: Portland

County: Tillamook

Length of round-trip hike: 2 miles

Best season to visit: Winter or spring

Things to know:

  • Visit at low tide so you can see the tide pools. You can check the tide tables here.
  • Before 1999, this waterfall was known as Smugglers Cove Falls or Waterfall at Short Sand Beach.
  • Short Sand Beach is very popular with surfers. We must have seen more than 50 on the day we visited.
  • There are miles of trails within the park if you would like an extended hike.

Consider combining this trip with:  Hug Point Falls

Toilet / Amenities: Toilets, drinking fountain, picnic tables

How to get there:

  1. Park at the Short Sand Beach trailhead on Highway 101, about 4.25 miles south of Arch Cape. The parking lot is well marked.
  2. Follow the trail underneath the highway and through the forest a half mile before reaching the beach.
  3. The waterfall is at the north end of the beach (to the right).

Helpful websites:


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