Youngs River Falls

We visited Youngs River Falls in January, when the river was full and powerful. We didn’t get very close because the spray was hitting us even at the distance from which we took pictures!

This waterfall is outside of Astoria and has been featured in movies such as Free Willy 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.  It’s also a popular swimming spot in the summer, with a wide rocky beach for resting on.  The river runs much lower in summer, so the spray won’t reach nearly as far as it did on our visit.

There is not much of a hike at this spot; at most it’s a quarter mile.  So unless you’re coming for swim, it’s not really such an adventure.


My rating: Worth the effort (2 stars)
(Waterfall – 2 stars, Trail – 2 stars, Experience – 3 stars)

Distance from Beaverton: About an hour and 45 minutes drive northwest

Nearest town: Astoria

Nearest city: Portland

County: Clatsop

Length of round-trip hike: Less than half a mile

Best season to visit: Summer

Things to know:  Even though the trail is not long, it is not wheelchair friendly.

Consider combining this trip with:  Astoria is a wonderful town to explore.  Click here for ideas.  At the very least, visit the Peter Iredale shipwreck at the north end of Sunset Beach (one of the few beaches in Oregon on which driving is permitted) and the Astoria Column.  Barth Falls and Fishhawk Falls are the closest waterfalls.

Toilet / Amenities: None.

How to get there:

  1. Near Astoria turn right onto HWY 101 Business Loop.
  2. After 1.3 miles bear right to remain on the business loop.
  3. After another 1.6 miles the business loop curves right. Turn on your
    left turn signal to head straight (watch for opposing traffic around curve).
  4. A short distance from that intersection turn left onto Young’s River Road.
  5. After milepost 7 look for a brown sign saying “Young’s Falls” and turn right.
  6. Parking area is a short distance from the intersection and the waterfall is close by.

Helpful websites:


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