Cedar Mill Falls

I had low expectations for Cedar Mill Falls, but I was pleasantly surprised by this urban waterfall. It’s small, but pretty. There is a nice viewing platform with benches if you’d like to stay for a while. But the waterfall is only yards away from a fairly busy road, so even though it’s a picturesque spot the noise will quickly remind you that you’re in the city and not the forest.


My rating: Low priority (1 star)
(Waterfall – 1 star, Trail – 1 star, Experience – 1 star)

Distance from Beaverton: None

Nearest town: Beaverton

Nearest city: Portland

County: Washington

Length of round-trip hike: 0.2 miles

Best season to visit: Any

Things to know:  This is an urban boardwalk trail next to a busy road – not much of an adventurous destination on its own.

Consider combining this trip with:  A hike to the Pittock Mansion, a tour of the International Rose Test Garden, or a walk through Hoyt Arboretum.  Or you could combine this visit with a drive-by of Willamette Falls.

Toilet / Amenities: None

How to get there:

  • Park in the northeast corner of Cedar Mill Bible Church’s parking lot.  (12208 NW Cornell Road in Portland)
  • Walk east along Cornell Road to the beginning of the trail just past the John Quincy Adams Young House.

Helpful websites:


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